Ep.12 Abbie Finn Quartet

On Friday 3rd February, the Abbie Finn Quartet supported Derek Nash. Jazzheads live caught up with them before they went on stage. Each of the band members picked three tracks that they think everyone should hear. Enjoy!

(Sorry about the sound check in the background)

Abbie Finn 

  1. ‘Beatrice’ - Equinox
  2. ‘Consummation’ – Thad Jones / Mel Lewis Orchestra
  3. ‘Next Stop Tsukiji’ – Alex Spiagin

Manny Lall

  1. ‘Red Clay’ – Freddie Hubbard
  2. ‘’Windows’ – Chick Corea
  3. ‘Never Too Much’ – Luther Vandross

Jeffrey Hewer

  1. ‘Villa Italiano’ – Jeffrey Hewer 
  2. ‘I wished on the moon’ – Ed Bickert
  3. ‘Blue Trane’ – John Coltrane

Harry Keeble

  1. ‘Witch Hunt’ – Wayne Shorter
  2. ‘Thank You Scientist’ – Mr. Invisible
  3. ‘Midnight Voyage’ – Michael Brecker

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