Ep.15 International Women’s Day with Judith Waterhouse

This is a special edition of Wakefield Jazz in honour of International Women's Day.

Judith Waterhouse is the backbone of Wakefield Jazz and here she picks 10 jazz musicians that she loves.


  1. It was a Lover and his Lass - Cleo Laine
  2. I Know, I Know - The Guest Stars
  3. Peel me a Grape -Diana Krall
  4. Kafferinya - Barbara Thompson
  5. Ain't Necessarily So - Carol Kidd
  6. Digital - Kronos Quartet
  7. Waltz for Debby - Elyn Rucker
  8. Come Together - Musica Nuda
  9. Turn of the Century - Mike Gibbs Orchestra
  10. Round Midnight (medly) - Dorothy Donegan

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