Ep.16 Angus Bayley & Alaric Taylor

Jazzheads radio caught up with Angus Bayley and Alaric Taylor, between sets, at their Wakefield Jazz gig on Friday 10th March 2017. They picked three tracks that they think everyone should here.

The tracks are:

Angus Bayley (pianist) 

  1. Steam – Angus Bayley 
  2. Trust the Light – Knower 
  3. Alright – Jamiroquai

Alaric Taylor (trumpet)

  1. Darbari – Teotima 
  2. Marimbas from Guatamala 
  3. Fast Forward / The Gold ring – Neil Yates 

What's on next at Wakefield Jazz? http://www.wakefieldjazz.org/


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