Ep.5 Nigel Price, Clark Tracey & Carlo De Wijs

Jazzheads Radio goes live!

At the Nigel Price Organ Quartet gig on 18th November 2016, Jazzheads caught up with Nigel Price, Clark Tracey and Carlo De Wijs.

They picked 3 tracks that they think everyone should hear: one from their own repertoire, one from another artist that they really rate and, lastly, a persoanl favourite.


Nigel Price, guitar

1. "Blue Genes" - Nigel Price Organ Quartet

2. "In That Order" - Joy de Francesco

3. "James and Wes" - Wes Montgomery and Jimmy Smith

Clark Tracey, drums

1. "Lounge Blues" - Clark Tracey

2. "The Cut Off Point" - Phil Robson

3. "Snap Crackle" - Roy Haynes Qt.

Carlo de Wijs, B3

1. "Cooking for Jimmy" - Carlo de Wijs

2. "Dum, Dum, Dum" - Stan Getz Qt featuring Eddie Loiuss

3. "Night Passage" Weather Report featuring Joe Zawinul

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