Ep.8 Tony Kofi & Byron Wallen

Jazzheads Radio goes live!

Jazzheads caught up with Tony Kofi and Byron Wallen when they played their homage to Ornette Coleman at Wakefield Jazz on 2nd December 2016.

An hour after we recorded this, the Wakefield Jazz crowd showed their appreciation with a standing ovation. Tony and Byron picked tracks that they think everyone should hear: one from their own repertoire, one from another artist that they think is under-rated and, lastly, a personal favourite. And we threw in an extra one. Enjoy.

Tony Kofi

  1. “Free” – Ornette Coleman
  2. “Song for Papa Jack” – Tony Kofi
  3. “Stepping Stones” – Woody Shaw
  4. “Just Friends” – Charlie Parker

Byron Wallen

  1. “Silent Praise” – Byron Wallen
  2. “Eyes as beautiful as yours” – Elmo Hope
  3. “Shhh peaceful” – Miles Davis

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